Aron Ra's Systematic Classification of Life Videos

I have posted about this in the Discord server, but I think it merits reposting here. A Youtuber named Aron Ra has been making a video series about the evolution of humans from single-celled eukaryotes billions of years ago to modern Homo sapiens. I think the videos are fascinating and very informative. Each is around 10 minutes long, and there are 40 videos so far (but he isn’t done yet!). I want as many people as possible to watch these videos, as they are better at teaching biology than my schoolteacher was! Here is a link to the first video:

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The guy immediately sounded familiar to me, and yes, apparently I did remember him from Tim O’Neill’s blog. Still, it’s preemptive to judge his science videos by his involvement in crackpot history revisionism. :unamused:

History is not Aron’s field of expertise, so I am unsurprised that he had some odd ideas about it. He has some political ideas I find disagreeable, but I assure that that is irrelevant to his science videos. Phylogeny is his specialty, and his research thereof is good. He also consults many experts and issues corrections if he makes mistakes. You are right to not judge his science videos by his misunderstandings of history.