I have no idea how realistic this is or how it would be possible to implement but could it be possible to become a race of cyborgs bent on assimilating the universe into their own kind similar to the Borg from Star Trek or the Cybermen from Doctor Who. It may not be to the extent as shown in the two mentioned shows but at a basic level at least it may be possible.


Thrive is going to have a lot of things, unlike Spore which just simplificated everything.
Of course it will take a while until they reach that stage and also take a while to develop, but I wouldnt say “no” as “thrive’s philosophy” is based on have all realistic features possible, just without the ones which do not seem “playable”/ are very boring and unnecessary.

Space Stage will probably be something a lot similar to Stellaris.


Haha, that far into the future, all I can say is “It’s possible we could” but I cannot by any means guarantee the feature being implemented. But let’s look into the details a bit shall we?
First of all, faction assimilation where an empire takes in another is probably gonna be a feature. Afterall, when you conquer a space fairing empire, all of the original inhabitants don’t just up and disappear or get replaced by your own species. They will either be integrated into your culture, purged, or something else. So the first step in your borg empire could definitely be a reality!
But what about assimilation of the species itself into your own? This is gonna be the unlikely part, as I don’t think that would really be feasible in reality. The closest you could maybe get is genetically modifying a species to have a sort of convergent body plan to your own. (That would probably take a long time.) But not all is lost! If we have cybernetic enhancements for races in Thrive, than you could just dec out your newly integrated species with some chrome and call them newly assimilated cyborgs. A little roleplay on your part, sure, but It would suffice no?


Don’t the Borg assimilate new drones by adding cybernetic enhancements as you describe?

I’ve never watched star trek and admit I dont know much about the Borg, so sorry about that.

Maybe you know about System Shock then?

I think it would be implemented into the game, maybe in non LAWK mode or something, but then again the space stage leaves open a lot of room for sci fi stuff so your idea may not be so crazy.