Aware Stage seems VERY insane

Hi. First off, this is just my opinion. I honestly think that the aware stage and beyond is really complex and seems like it might be overwhelming. I really think that the majority of the effort should be put into making the Microbe and Multi-cellular stages amazing before stepping into future stages. I don’t know, I’m just afraid that if any of these stages end up being released, we’re gonna get a Spore remake where it gets really boring in future stages. Sorry if this statement is viewed as me just being negative :frowning: . Keep up the good work!

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I agree the game is ridiculously ambitious.

Personally I don’t want to release any bad stages. So when the microbe stage is done it’s going to be a great game that people enjoy to play. If we can’t make it great then there’s not a lot of point in making anything else. I think we can make it great, there’s loads of really skilled people on the team and we are making good progress now.

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Im getting maga from all these greats

Which is exactly what they are planning to do, the microbe and multicellular won’t just be filler stages just to explain that life evolved, each should end up with fun enjoyable gameplay, as tjwhale explained.

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Tbh I feel like I’m only really good at thinking of ideas for future events, but you do make a point of interest. I haven’t been on in a month or two so I don’t really know what is going on. (I already for a recap and I am waiting for their response) Okay back to the the topic at hand, where are we with development and how many people are working on the microbe stage. And you are right, we should focus mainly on the microbe stage. Honestly I thought these future threads would be a place to gather information and didn’t realize that it would take up so much time from the staff. You know what there should be a thread to help devs with current problems, this way the simple work can be spread out while the devs work on the complex issues.

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Well, actually. There are people on the team specifically for that. The theory team, they come up with all the ideas of how features will be implemented, and then reword it so it can be realistically programmed by the programmers. And you can look at these discussions on the development forums, the theory team is not just a bunch of idea guys, they exchange huge amounts of information and videos to flesh out how features should be implemented, and all usually are in university or are even higher in education level.

The developers do sometimes, maybe, get a little bit of information from the future game threads, and maybe a little bit of it will implemented into the game. But that is very rare and the whole section is more of just for fans to go wild with their ideas rather than actually brainstorm ideas for the game. Because lots of people on the forums are very young, and their suggestions (including some of my own), while fun to talk about, can usually not be realistically developed in a sane timespan.

As for helping the devs with simple problems. Thats also just not realistic. Anyone can come up with an idea, very little people can create something out of that idea, or even reword it into a way where it could be realistically implemented. A community of anyone throwing ideas into a bucket will not create anything, but only cause more problems, just take a look at the old old forums, it was mostly just 12 year olds making a spore 2 wishlist.

Right now, even the issues marked “easy” on github seems overwhelming to most begginer programmers, much less people who have never touched a programming language in their lives.


This is something that I hope everyone on the community forums would read, or at least know about.
I’ve seen some people here confirm features that aren’t a high priority or are so much work that they won’t be added for a long time even once the stage they are related to is nearing completion. So I hope that everyone here knows that promises of features from the fans aren’t confirmed features unless they can link where the development team has decided about the feature.

This is a place to let the fans go wild with their visions of what thrive could be.


Wait, thats what the theory team does? If I knew that I would have applied for that. It’s right down my alley. Like I LOVE to think of ideas and how to achieve them, I got a tinker’s mind. I applied for concept artist, didn’t make it. I was hoping that I could make concept art on possible mechanics and how they work. To me if a idea cant be made realistically, then its not really worth my time.

Oh, for the longest time I thought I was contributing to the development of Thrive… Welp that makes me feel a bit bummed out now.


This community is a really important part of Thrive’s development. As you can see the devs read the forums a lot and the things they read become part of their thought process. Moreover things like testing releases and giving feedback helps too.


Yup even if what we say in these forums never make it into the game, we at least know that the thought process was made and heard. These will also be a good tool for the dev team if and when they get stuck on ideas! It always helps to get other peoples opinions when making something and this is the perfect setting to do that in.

I know it is a bit sad that we aren’t directly suggesting features but the dev team can always look to what we have talked through for ideas on what to or not to add into the game and we as the community should be more than satisfied with our role as the elections of the uranium atoms in the Atom bomb that is Thrive. Whether or not it blows up is up to the dev teams as they are the ones holding the launch codes for Thrive.

I just hope Thrive doesn’t get rushed by anyone anytime soon, nobody wants games that feel incomplete when you first get it. I’m looking at YOU, EA!

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@NickTheNick posted this on reddit:

Which I think addresses your concern about rushing very well as nick put very nicely that thrive will continuously get new releases and features so there isn’t some magical release date when we will say that this will be the final release of thrive (unless every developer leaves and new ones don’t take over).

Oh! Ok Im happy to hear that!