Awesome stuff

My name is pongant, I’m studying biology and am following this project on-and off for several years now. I’m super excited about the progress that’s been made - keep it up guys and gals! Actually, I’m most excited about the microbial stage, as A LOT could be done with it. Really looking forward to more variety in morphology and gameplay of the microbial stage. Multicellular microscopic species, Amoeba, cliliates, armored cells - all really exciting stuff.
BTW I like the Rogue-like feel the microbe stage has at the moment.


Welcome @pongant ! Hope you enjoy the forum! I’m really excited for the Microbe Stage, too! So many possibilities/potential with the Spore Cell Stage we always wanted :smile:

Welcome to the community forums @pongant ! Great to have new people!

Welcome to the Kommoonity Fowums, fellow biologist!