Becoming a Plant Cell removes all competition

It’s becoming boring when you become a plant. It isn’t a big problem now, as it’s the end-game/near-end when you become one, but I imagine it can be a problem when multicellular gets more developed.

there will be a day night cycle soon

after the day night cycle is added, you will need to have either a large storage for the glucose produced during the day, or have enough ATP produktion from other resources like iron

day/night cycle would appear in 0.5.10 earliest, as 0.5.9 is already full of features, so it (0.5.10) would release somewhere in august

Despite day and night cycle being talked about does not mean that any programmer has motivation to program it anytime soon (even for the release after 0.5.9) and it also needs major balancing work to make sure it doesn’t entirely break the game balance so that needs to also happen before it can be included in the game.


By the Way, When is 0.6.0 going to release? How bug an update would need to be to make such a change?

either a new engine change has to happen, or A LOT of new content gets added

I don’t think we’ll really have a huge release at any point as we are committed currently to a new release every 3 months, so our releases are pretty similar in size as the size is really determined by how many hours of work go into them. I think we’ll call the next release 0.6.0 once it feels appropriate in terms of how complete the microbe stage is.

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At this rate of development, the microbe stage will be done before 1.0.0 i think.

It won’t. As long as we aren’t hit with an amnesia beam, the release with the finished microbe stage will be called 1.0, no matter what version number was used for the version just before it.

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