Binary+ starsystems

I’m putting this in the space stage, but in practice it would probably affect every stage of development.

I’ve been wondering how the devs are going to handle systems with more than one sun, if at all? I was inspired to talk about it because I saw in EEs current Aurora LP a system where the second sun was actually outside the orbit of the only habitable planet in the system. (It was a tiny sun and quite far away, so it probably didn’t matter much.)

And I got to wondering what the seasons would be like on a planet where there’s a second sun that’s sometimes on the same side of the planet as the primary sun, and sometimes the opposite side. This then led me to wonder if you have any plans for multi-star systems, and as far as I can tell there isn’t any thread on the subject.

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Super Summers and Worse Winters, spicy.

Binary Sistems dont have rocky planets only gas giants. The 2 stars push out all rocky material further where gas giants form.

Have you been to one? I’m sure there are binary stars with planets distributed in a Sol-like manner.

As far as we know, no, there aren’t. The way the formation formed and the nature of the orbits would make it difficult if not impossible for there to be a consistently habitable planet.