Blurred Backgrounds Mod

This mod works for most current versions of Thrive as they all use a similar format of organizing the background files. This thread is copied over from the previous forum.

After some discussion on Slack and on the development forums here (, I decided to try to have a go to manually add some blur to the backgrounds in Thrive. I think it helps a lot, and so I’m putting the download here for anyone who wants to see what it’s like. I added blur for the original, shallow (blue-green), and vent (red-grey) biomes, but not the abyss which was hard to work with.

Here are some pictures of the difference.

Original Ocean Biome

Original Shallows/Tidepool Biome

Blurred Ocean Biome

Blurred Shallows/Tidepool Biome


  1. Download this:

  2. Make a backup of your “background” folder. For me the path looks like:
    Basically, go to the Thrive directory, go into materials, textures, and backup the folder there called background.

  3. After you have backed up your background folder (in case you ever want to revert to the original backgrounds without redownloading the whole game) copy the folder from the mod (called “materials”) into the Thrive directory and replace so that it merges with the original materials folder. Say yes to overwriting any original files.

  4. You’re done! Boot up the game and play.

Great! I love that we have mods that are easy for me to download now !

It does feel much nicer to play with this mod, and it’s easy to focus on your cell and surroundings.

BTW you can use this link with dThriveLauncher that I’ve made to avoid hassling with the game files and also to avoid the need of creating a backup.

Copy the link basically (this would go where it says “insert link”).


Oh yeah, the link may require you to get a new key (it’s just how mediafire works) so you might have to click this link, then where it shows Download on a green button, right click and open link in new tab, then copy that link. Remember the links you need to use have this “download(some number)” format (at least from mediafire).

I do suggest people try this mod, (though hopefully 0.4.0 will have totally new biome backgrounds)