Breakfast Cells Mod 🍳 [Works in 0.6.5!]

Hey, you! Yes, you! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: Do you find yourself having to eat loads of microbes just to stay alive, all the while wishing they were more appetising? :anguished: Well, this is your lucky day! …

Introducing the all-new Breakfast Cells mod! :bowl_with_spoon: It adds visual appeal, vital nutrition, and is guaranteed to change how you play Thrive forever!*

  • Mod does not affect gameplay - it’s purely visual

So, “what does this fabulous mod do”, you ask? It makes microbe organelles look like popular breakfast food items. It might not be realistic, but it sure is tasty! :yum:

Here are some delightful pictures:


And here’s a video of it in action:

Full list of included items:

Cytoplasm - Baked beans

Metabolosomes - Waffle
Thylakoids - Potato tots
Chemo. protein - Crumpet
Rusticyanin - Black pudding (a.k.a. blood pudding)
Nitrogenase - Cup of tea
Oxytoxisome - Boiled egg
Thermosynthase - Mushrooms

Flagellum - Spoon
Perforator pilus - Knife
Chemoreceptor - Paper Napkin
Slime jet - Squeezy bottle of ketchup
Cilia - Fork

Nucleus - Bowl of porridge
Binding agent - Butter
Mitochondrion - Sausage
Chloroplast - Hash brown
Thermoplast - Tomato
Lysosome - Grapefruit
Chemoplast - Bacon
N-fixing plastid - Tea and biscuit
Vacuole - Ramekin with condiment sachets
Toxin vacuole - Fried egg
Signalling agent - Salad leaves (to virtue signal that you’re eating something healthy)

It can be ordered directly from Steam:

Self-catering is also available:
For Linux:

For Windows:

Simply remove from packaging, place in your mods folder, and heat for 5 minutes.

I would appreciate any feedback. I’m not sure how it will look on other people’s systems. Any issues, let me know.

Bon appetit!


“let him cook”


I need a Minecraft Tools version of this!


Steam Workshop mod now working! Shame about the video I posted, though…

What happened to the video? Is there a reason why you didn’t upload you Youtube as in my experience those videos don’t usually get randomly deleted?

I generally avoid Google wherever I can. Youtube is an exception though, as it has such a monopoly over online video content. I was thinking that I might have to get a Youtube account for this sort of thing.

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mm i sure do love eating spoons, forks, and knives for breakfast

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Well, each to their own, I guess.

Edit: Mod updated for Thrive 0.6.5. This version won’t work in previous Thrive versions, unfortunately.