Building editor/vehicle editor/outfit editor + social rank

For the aware stage, when your species becomes aware of the enviornment around them, you would have the ability to build small huts of your liking, and add to them over time with new parts. Whatever habitat you lived in, that’s where your settlement would be built, river, swamp, desert, ocean, whatever. Each would be for medicine, fishing, main hut, house hut, armory, or blacksmith. Each hut could be placed anywhere, too. Fishing huts can be placed near oceans, rivers, or lakes. As time goes on, it will turn into a city, each with different properties. For vehicles, it should begin in the aware stage, as said earlier. After your species constructs their first hut, you would have the chance to build a small boat for more deeper fishing, and equip it with torches for lighting. As you’d progress, you’d be able to build larger ships. These ships would be used to “migrate” or explore to other areas to build more settlements, increasing your population. And for more farther in the game, when your creature begin their space program, you get to build colonies that are different looking than your home planets architecture. Vehicles would be different too. For outfit editors, it should contribute to social class as well, and their are a few main social classes for each stage.
Tribal/aware/stone age - Chief - Specific outfit (head dress?)
Warrior - Armor, helmet, swords, other various weaponry against other tribes
Medicine / Healer - regular clothing “healing abilities”
Fisherman - fishing hat, regular clothing
Tribe member (basic citizen) - regular clothing
Civilization (medieval) - King/Emperor - Crown, cape, jewlery
Knight - Helmet, swords, suit and armor
Archer - Armor, bow and arrows
Farmer (basic citizens) - Farmer hat, pitchfork, other
Modern/digital - President/mayor - basic clothing
Soilder - soilders helmet, rifles, camo, gasmasks
Scientists - lab coat, goggles, gloves
Citizen + whatever job they have - whatever suits their job
Rocket/space - Astronauts/colonists - helmet, white spacesuits, lights on the helmet, oxygen.


The stages in this game have loose borders, and may not correspond to real-world cultural or political trends.
However, you are somewhat correct on this topic.
Outfits are often designed for either practicality or formality.
Such factors would be based on the profession of such a member, but I’ll throw out a few:
Safety, thermoregulation, camoflauge, comfort, economic concerns, identification, technology.
Formal outfits could have a more aesthetic design, which would be related to a “design editor” of some sort. I believe designing these randomly would be a bit more difficult, especially with non-cloth items.

Cool! That sounds quite interesting.