Calls N' Sounds

So as you all know, animals make sounds, and I feel as if this would be the case for extraterrestrials as well. So my question is, how will sounds work? Will there be a list of sounds you can choose from?

And another question, will there be specific calls (For example, The Isle has 1 as broadcast, 2 as friendly, 3 as threaten, and 4 as help)?

This is probably something thatโ€™s been considered before, although a quick search across all our forums hasnโ€™t found any past discussions.

None of us really know since itโ€™s too far in the future for us to have a rigorous concept yet. If I had to guess, Iโ€™d say you will pick from a specified list of sound types, perhaps with some modifiers such as frequency or length. Who knows, maybe weโ€™ll even allow the player to record their own?

Ooohhh, i could have a bird that sings darude - sandstorm with this idea?


Also on the topic of communication we should also think about how the environment would cause senses to develop. Like how bats are mostly blind from being in caves so much and how some animals are bioluminescent. Say a planet had a lot of thermal vents (for the purpose of having an energy source) and little light would reach the surface do to some light blocking clouds, the creatures that evolved there would have no need for eyes like we have here on earth. These creatures may evolve to see in Infrared light or would use sonar so โ€œseeโ€. These things would make it so that some forms of communication simply could not happen, like bright colors or fur patterns.

Maybe animal noises could work similarly to voices in The Sims. Just a random though :man_shrugging::

I can only imagine a microbe going:

โ€œBarnibi Zoombay Zaweeb ah Gwebbโ€


I was imagining more whale noises

More like high pitched whale noises

Make this an easter egg!!!

no, i donโ€™t think so @Silverstorm but ask the devs

Go program it yourself once weโ€™re at 2.0.0.

I think there should be preset soundtypes, but that can be modified with pitch and so on, like @Oliveriver said. With that said, not all animals can make the same sounds, so the type of mouth (jaw, teeth, tongue, vocal chords, you get the idea) probably narrows down your choices to more biologically suited calls. As for what each call does, you can probably enter a call editor where you mix the call so itโ€™s different for each situation, whether itโ€™s a mating call or a territorial call.

Although, not all creatures use call for the same reason, so the number of uses for your calls will probably be determined by how your creature socially acts. For example, is it a pack animal, or is it solitary? Does it contest the leader of the pack, or does it defend its territory? Does it coordinate with the hive? These are all important questions that can determine if you can roar or only squeak.

A really intuitive, but excessive way to create sounds within a creature would be custom made โ€œvoice boxesโ€ these could obviously beโ€ฆ well, voice boxes, but could also be akin to crests in some dinosaurs. The simulation could blow a fluid through this at a designated point and the way it bounces off the interior would affect the noise. This is completely excessive like I said and if we donโ€™t make this possible with all body parts it would seem out of place, but I still think itโ€™s cool to talk about.