Can we change the shape of all the compounds?

I think it will be more easy to recognize all the compounds for players (and colorblind people) if the shapes are all different.
Ammonia is still a gas, so a yellow cloud can be ok, but phospates can be different (we can get inspired by glucose under microscope
we can use tiny particles, crystals, “sticks” and anything from the microsope world. If this can be a good idea, I will post some sketches. Let me know your thinking.


That might actually work. Better make sure the developers aren’t already doing this though, otherwise they might not accept shape suggestions if they have their own in mind. Not trying to be pushy, FYI.

Have you looked at older versions of thrive where compounds were individual particles? Is your idea similar to that.

If I remember correctly the reason we moved away from that is that the compounds that cells can absorb are really tiny and best modeled as clouds of tiny particles (too tiny to see). There are some plans to add things like pieces of debris that would slowly dissolve into clouds so different different looking debris would then release different compounds.

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Mh, but my idea started to define better what the compounds are, seeing them only like clouds for someone would be difficult. Maybe not to change the entire thing in a new model but add a different texture to the cloud? I don’t know, add a little pattern on them.