Cannot compile SFML error

Pastebin of terminal output

After cloning a fresh copy of thrive from github, and following the video and written instructions for setup, this is a consistent error I am getting on an Ubuntu Linux install.

You may not have the Freetype development files:

CMake Error at cmake/Macros.cmake:296 (message):
  Missing item in FREETYPE_LIBRARY

Are you sure you have the package libfreetype-dev?
@hhyyrylainen probably knows more about this than I do, I am just guessing.

Looking at the output, I came to the same conclusion, freetype library is missing. So installing that should work.

That did seem to help, byt now I’m getting this error ?

So the failure is in downloading stuff for bs::framework. I just tested and the file link works for me, so you need to try to run the setup again and hope that the file download succeeds, you may have too bad internet to try to download the file, which you might be able to get around by manually downloading the specified file and extracting to where bsf wants the files to be.