Can't uninstall Thrive Launcher

The uninstall process fails with error: Thrive launcher is running. Press OK to close it and OK doesn’t close it. There are no active Thrive process and I couldn’t find any other process accessing thrive files.

I thought the actual error was with permissions, but even giving all permissions in the install folder throws the same error.
I tried reinstalling using the ThriveLauncher setup, but it gives the same error as it tries to uninstall old files.

I couldn’t find any logs to check which file can’t be deleted, does the uninstaller creates one?
Otherwise is there a list of all the files/HKEY that needs to be deleted/modified to uninstall? So I can check which one is erroring out

Did you check if the launcher process or files were in use or just Thrive itself? The launcher files are separate from Thrive. Have you rebooted recently? That might fix it. And one more thing I can think of is that there might be a background virus scan happening which is keeping the files open.

As far as the files it uses, the installer is made with so I don’t know exactly what it does.

Yes I checked the launcher process, thrive the game was already uninstalled without errors. I rebooted before trying to uninstall. I just tried after disabling the antivirus, but it gave the same error

I’m going to take a look at how electron packs the installer.
I imagine that If I boot in safe mode it’ll uninstall successfully, but that wouldn’t explain what fails

If that were to fix it, wouldn’t that show that some other process rather than the launcher was preventing the uninstall from working? Which would mean that the fault is not with Thrive Launcher but rather how your computer is setup.