Cave painting

Since our ancestors wrote their diaries literally in stone with blood from animals (humans included). I think it’s time to discuss cultural phenomenas that involves said things.

Stone age saw these rituals as a way to produce good omen. For example for the hunt or gathering of herbs. A form of very early religion.

In some ancient cultures, viking/aztec for example, it were commonplace to sacrifice live beings (often other humans) to a pantheon of gods. To heighten the morale of the tribe before a battle.

Where I try to drive this discussion to is; if we choose to be a predatory being, maybe we should also get this tradition to evolve with us? Maybe even be part of our later civilisations culture in the industrial age.

I think we should design the religion system in the game to also work with early religions that were closely linked to nature.

Check out that elk painting.

It’d be funny if in Awakening when controlling a member of your species you could draw your own cave paintings then in later society stages you get like a popup saying they discovered ancient cave paintings from your ancestors (actually the same painting you drew) so you can point and laugh at the dumb shapes you made


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Preventing phallic designs is a tall order - who knows if any old worm or a sword would trigger the censorship? Even separating swear words from their usage in a genuine context is difficult - many English towns are suffixed with “-sex,” for example.
If you do try to make a society in the manner you described, just keep it away from the children. Most people, however, will probably be more reasonable.

Back to the main subject, I think a (AI-accessible) design editor could be important at all stages of technology. Cave paintings could be based on the same techniques but distorted due to the lack of straightedges or flat surfaces. Later stages could use it for national symbols, for example.


i never said anything about preventing phallic designs

i just said its impossible to avoid it