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Alright everyone!



There are threats in the city! Flome troops search the city blocks for survivors and resistance camps, they carry artillery and handheld weapons, so be cautious.



There is a small militia moving through Totaro street accompanied by a drone. They’re attempting to gather survivors by using propganda and through espionage. Seeing your personalities as malleable, they will attempt to lure the ignorant to join them, appearing as friendly protectors.

Soldiers of the Final Front, gather around! Take down these threats before they capture survivors! If they do, liberate them of their demise.


Attempt to shoot down one of the Flomes fighters by using anti-aircraft weaponry. They will use airstrikes to throw you off of your path of victory, avoid them at all costs!

If you do happen to shoot one down, and if the pilot is still alive, execute it without question.


Attempt to thwart them of interfering with our plans. You’ll play as the small militia of 3 soldiers and a drone, i’ll pilot the fighter.


To start it off, these are simple things you can do, but be creative and play fair.

Action: Use pressure bomb against alien militia.

Result: The force of the bomb has butchered the soldiers.

Action: Shoot down enemy aircraft.

Result 1: The fighter loses control and crashes into the mud. The pilot died in the force of the impact.

Result 2: You miss the fighter because of its speed, and releases an airstrike. You did in the explosion.

(I’ll likely be asleep during this, so don’t play yet. I probably shouldve picked a better time to do this)

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Are those actions just examples?

Yes, they’re just examples.

We’re starting right now, if you didnt know.


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I don’t think we can play today, sorry everyone. I’ll postpone it to tommorrow, and it’s getting late.

action:Find some scrap

My Action

Lie in wait in the buildings with a few volunteers sitting in the street. The volunteers will act as if they want to join the Flome, then ambush them as they are distracted.

My Action

The Flome soldiers walk through the abandoned city street, surverying the area. They walk alongside a person, who is physically deformed and malnourished. He says these words, as if they’re programmed.




The man has been brainwashed, and was once a politician among people.



The Flome soldiers encounter the volunteers, pointing their rifles directly at them. The man walking beside them stopped, as did the drone.

They grabbed the volunteers and dragged them away when a small militia revealed themselves from the sides of the crumbling buidlings.

The soldier gestured to fire at the two aliens, when one of the beings fired its rifle. The resistance soldier was torn apart, blood spraying in a crimson mist like dust in the wind. The other one was shot in the chest, yellow blood spewing out, but slowly. It formed a pistol right in front of the soldiers, attempting to defend itself while its comrade began running away after being wounded. The injured one was finally put down after a bullet struck the side of its head, killing it.

“Find the other one, and get those volunteers back in the truck!”, shouted one of the soldiers, gesturing towards a group of fighters.

The soldier and a few others began pursuing the wounded Flome, who was running while shooting back at the soldiers with a pistol.


The Flome began running past crumbling hallways, then out into a street with flaming tires, still firing at the soldiers behind him. He came face to face with a soldier carrying an assault rifle. The Flome raised his pistol and fired at the soldier, a bullet wound forming in his head. Suddenly, impacts of shots and dust with a ping! showered him.

The Flome began running away before he was shot in the side of his waist, and began crying for help. The leading soldier grabbed his gun, putting a bullet in the beasts head, a yellow liquid gradually pouring out of the gaping wound.

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My Action

Lay low to try and avoid the fighter, using camouflage if need be.

My Action

The fighters scour the wasteland, searching for survivors and resistance camps. They spot an abmush up ahead, a few armored assault carriers and a tank.

Action: Release Airstrike on the convoy.


Action Try To Capture Some Resistance Members



Resistance members are captured and rounded up in an old field. A soldier walks by people, cowering in fear, looking at them. Eventually, the selected individuals are hauled onto a ship and taken to a breeding facility to be used as incubators. The rest are imprisoned in a stronghold, kept in stasis for later use. Ones that are brought out of this dormant state have mechanical devices grafted onto their bodies, then forced into labor camps to build construction. The technology built into them rendered them as mindless slaves, linking them to a collective interface where they have no individual thought.

Action 2.0

Action:Take The One In Stasis And Implant Tracking Device On Them and “Accidently” Let Them Escape,So That We Can Find Some Resistance Bases


Result 2.0


An act of espionage, and optogenetics, the prisoner had a tracking device implanted into his cerebrums. Knowing how this species behaves, seeing their personality as malleable, the drone is captured by a resistance camp. The drone transfers large amounts of information and data, revealing the location of the outpost.

Action 3.0 The Reactioning

Action: Send Soldier To The Outpost But Try To Keep The Ones With The Tracking Device Alive.

Action and Result


Action: Send convoy over to outpost location, composed of three fighters and one large ship.

Result: The Flome infiltrate the camp by launching numerous airstrikes, damaging the structure of it immensely. The drone is being held captive.

The United Weebs

The United Weebs is an underground movement that is basically made up of weebs.

Sorry buddy. If the game hasn’t been updated in a year, it’s dead.

He’s stealing my necros! I have some suspicions about him/her, according to hhyyrylainen.