Cell membrane and extracellular structure

Currently, we have a simple Membrane editor that allows us to adjust the Membrane Type and Fluid/Validity.At present, the cell wall is not an independent edito.

What puzzles me is that there are Double Membrane Types in the game now. Does it have any exact biological basis in reality?

The complex membrane types in the game bring a proportional reduction in Osmorelation Cost. One question is: Osmorelation Cost is the cost of maintaining a stable intracellular environment. Should a more complex membrane structure not result in higher energy consumption for material transport?

In the current game, we can do this. An extracellular structure is placed inside the cell.
Do extracellular structures require an independent placement to interact with the cell membrane rather than being stacked together with intracellular structures?


Different membrane types actually have different compound cloud absorption rates in the game.

The reason why external organelles can be placed wherever is that if that was not the case, then placing new organelles could be a major hassle. If you placed flagella early and still wanted to increase your cell size, you’d need to move the flagella around each editor cycle. It would be a major pain in terms of UX.

Fewer Osmorelation Costs are strange enough, as there are no additional maintenance costs involved.
For obsessive-compulsive disorder, I prefer to move the position of the flagella rather than wrap it in. This looks too strange.
One idea is to place the extracellular and intracellular structures in two different windows. When the intracellular structure changes, the position of the extracellular structure is repositioned based on the relative cell position of the previous position

The double membrane cells have been found, and some archaea that survive in extreme environments have such structures.
The membrane composition of archaea is different from that of bacteria. Is there a plan to reflect this? It may be related to adaptability in extreme environments.

A theorist would be needed to answer those questions. Sadly theorists are not very active on the community forums.

One idea is to still place the intracellular structure in a hexagonal grid; For extracellular structures, we directly adjust the membrane (limited by intracellular structure) and place the structure on the membrane surface, just like spores place organs.