Cell won't engulf parts sometimes

I’ve has a problem occur a few times since the last update where my cell can’t engulf parts even though it has a membrane that should be able too. This bug can be really annoying in the later game because it means that when the only viable food source available is cell parts my cells just end up dying off.

You are talking about late game so I assume your cell is large enough to engulf the chunks.
Could you provide a save file where it would quick to check why engulfing can’t happen?

I don’t think that would work because the bug seems to only be momentary when that happens. Usually the next time I go through mitosis the game ends up working again.

You could try to save when you notice you can’t engulf something. If loading that save also ends up with being unable to engulf it would be very good for testing.
Otherwise I’ll just have to open an a general issue on Github about this, and there’s no guarantee that 1) anyone takes a look at it (without immediately fleeing from the difficulty) 2) it’s possible to find the specific conditions that seem to happen to make this bug appear, in a reasonable time.