I was just thinking…
There should be a topic to keep the Challenge ideas in
So here it is.
Think of a challenge for the game other than the star one (where you have to race against your home-star to the space stage depending on what color it is) and post it here.


These have to be existential, right?

Reaping: A swarm of advanced combat drones arrives to your homeworld every few millennia to “regulate” its biosphere. Can you break free from its devastating grip?

Exile: Your homeworld (or, if a moon, the planet it orbits) is caught in an orbital trajectory that sends it further and further into your solar system’s outer reaches. Eventually, it will escape your sun’s orbit entirely, becoming a rogue planet. Will you be able to flee the coming age of darkness?


Collision course: Due to mass inconsistencies inside your home world, the large moon orbiting it is slowly decreasing its periapsis by 1 mm a year, eventually to rip both bodies apart with extreme tidal forces, destroying them both. Can you find a way out?


Except for the first one these are mostly just ‘time limit’ tho, I feel like they should at least have different parts of them being the challenge. So something along the lines of

Due to multiple gas giants flying in orbit near your planet’s orbit, once per [time unit] one of them will pass by, changing the orbit by [a bit] (different temperatures, different times, etc.)

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I like the idea of challenges, but I feel like most of them could be created procedurally by the solar system generator. So maybe, instead of choosing to do a ‘challenge’, the player could just disable certain constraints on the system generator, and it could come up with these kinds of situations naturally.

This would also go well with an idea someone (can’t remember who) had a while ago, where you could share save files on the forum. That way if something interesting like these challenges was generated, you could challenge other people on the forum to survive in your save.