Chaoskampf and Cultural Evolution

Despite sheer distance, a recurring event (chaoskampf) in various mythologies can be observed: the battle between a deity (usually one associated with storms) and a primordial, serpentine monster. The Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, Hebrews, and Babylonians were at least vaguely near each other, but this extended to the Hindus, Bantu, Japanese, and - most improbably - the Aztecs.

This implies two things - either our species has some inherent tendencies when it comes to portraying order and chaos (convergent), or a single legend has accompanied humanity during its planetwide spread (divergent).

Either way, it would be cool if the Society Stage had a form of “Auto-Evo” for mythology. Convergent traits would be derived from the Behavior Editor (nothing says “chaos” like an immense aquatic reptile), divergent traits would go all the way back to the Awakening Stage.


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