Chaotic Cell Colony

This is me making a giant cell and then trying to get to multicellular. Please help. My computer almost melted and Thrive is about to kill me.

How do you even get to multicellular?

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In order to get to multicellular, one must first make a cell colony by binding to others of their species once they get the binding agent organelle. The default keybind for this is B.
Then, you need to have a cell colony of atleast 5 cells.
From there, you can click the “become multicellular button” above the population count.

Looks like your cells are pretty large, much larger than I think necessary. So that might be extra lag, also turn down the entity limit in the performance options if you haven’t.

It looks like you are currently in a cell colony but the multicellular button is not there, which to me would indicate that you are playing in freebuild. Advancing stages is not possible in freebuild.