City Creator

Could city creation work like sim city? Where you lay down roads–which at first would just be carved out dirt and houses–which would resemble simple huts/cabins. Then as more research (and money) you invest into technology, you unlock different tools like a power supply tower, sewer system, paved roads, better houses, etc. But also with the money, you’d have to possess the necessary materials like wood, stone, and metal to build buildings. So you could venture out into your planet as your creature/avatar to collect resources. And of course as you evolve your civilization things like disease wpuld decrease bc you have hospitals and a clean sewer system. Thus population would increase. Then youd also have to worry about waging war with neighboring cities bc they ght wanna take you down if you’re a threat. Or maybe trade with you if you have many excess resources. Also: Id like to design floorplans for the houses so your creatures can go in and out and they could interact with objects that you put in there like a chair or stove. Instead of being the stiff, solid blocks that Spore had.


…so basically simcity creator with more interactions?
Yeah. seems cool.

Yea. Basically.

Well yeah, sounds good to me

This made me think, what would the “city” stage look like? I assume it would be in the God’s-Eye persective. Will it be using a hex-grid like a lot of strategy games? Would it be better to make it completely free-place or keep it to a grid-like placing system for buildings and roads? Would units have free roam capabilities or would they follow a set of grid movements?

Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Grid style maps would make building placements be a lot smoother but would make things that move look awkward if forced to move along said grid. A completely free system would make units look a lot better but cities might be harder to develop as the game goes on. So take the best of both and make cities grid based and units move freely?

Also how will buildings look? I assume that the player could make them, like in spore, but would we keep the same system that spore used to place them or will we make it more customizable? All these really depend on how y’all want the stage to function. Do you want it to be like a strategy game (Ex: Civ V) or do you want it to be more like what spore did and make it minimal strategy needed to “win”?

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AFAIK, Strategy Mode spans the late Awakening Stage all the way up to Ascension (if that’s still planned).

Pretty sure units move freely, grids would be a dramatic departure from unconstrained movement in the previous stages.

To add my two cents to the thread itself, I would prefer most city development be left to the AI, since it would be immensely tedious for the player to build each individual house within each individual block where each individual street is paved. Even if the player Nation has nationalized most facets of urban planning, the bureaucrats (or geomancers, or whoever) would still be the ones mandating projects.

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So basically the player makes a base model for a city and then the AI makes the other cities function based on that and it’s unique needs?

That could work, too, but I was thinking more along the lines of the AI having Tech Editor-made structures be built as needed, with the player, as the state, making other build orders for things like courts and military bases.

i think you should be able to control some of the city creating, all if you are communist.

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Or just let the AI do stuff, until you interfere with it