Civilization Stage Theorizing

This Post and Thread will be for Possible ideas for how the Industrial stages work and what you’d personally see as the Industrial stage

Combat: I’ve heard RTS gameplay thrown around but i’m doubting whether or not that’d be actually done i’d settle for Hoi4 strategy style since then you don’t have to see how your creation and the enemy’s creations look like tumbling around it’ll just be an icon, bonus points if you get like an icon poser studio in the editor
(unrelated note i think i figured out a good way to make vehicles evolve too considering how in real life you’ll notice that a country’s tanks seem to have design elements from the previous tank i mean the current german MBT still looks angular like their first ever tank the A7V )

Politics: There’s multiple parties formed over time in your nation regardless if its a democratic one or not (they could be planning a revolution), there’s a menu of ideals and such that they have along with other things, I’m mainly putting this Tab here for other people’s ideas as i’m not an expert on this kind of stuff

Editors: not so much what i think the editor will be like and more a solution to that pesky “the player is going to have to be stuck in the editor for 50 hours in this stage editing everything” problem.
Private companies! You know how not every single company in the world is nationalized and the stuff they produce isn’t governmentally designed well that simply put you get a catalogue disguised as government contract offers for example tanks they give you the stats and all that you need to know before a purchase you’re mainly going to buy the one that’s your kind of style, simply select which design you like the most and bam that’s your medium tank now, go into the contract offers for hospitals and oh i like that bam that’s your hospital now, Don’t like any of the designs the AI is making? Make it yourself! Problem solve. There still might be the problem of how is the AI going to design a functional tank and whats stopping it from making a modern MBT when you’re supposed to be in WW1 era where designs were quite wacky

Base management: this one is the hardest to guess but i feel that at this point the scale of strategy is too grand for you to manage individual buildings so just do a Hoi4 and select a tile which is going to be your industrial base

Diplomacy: Anything but “You look nice today” “Thanks!” 50 times and then “Hey i know we’re friends but we’re forcing you to pay us money when we don’t do the same haha” i haven’t played much games with diplomacy in them except for stellaris and my first run ended instantly when the first guys i met and out loud said “Ah my first allies!” turned out to be fanatic purifiers whats worse was that my spawn was shit and i couldn’t expand anywhere else to get the necessary resources to battle them, bird people were on the right the left wasn’t possible to travel to at my tech level and the south was filled with ancient hostile drones that were like 99K power meanwhile i had like a fleet that was like 20 power just 20

Ehh if you have any tabs you’d like to add feel free i got stuff to do and i can’t think of anything


I think you are confused between whether this applies to Society Stage - Thrive Developer Wiki or Industrial Stage - Thrive Developer Wiki

Based on a quick reading these are about the society stage, as industrial stage only begins when the industrial revolution happens. I’ve moved this to the different category to reflect.