Clipping chloroplast

chloroplast will clipping when growing

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I suppose this could be fixed if the devs programed the cytoplasm to stretch with organell sizes

That’s not going to happen. The membrane is complex enough system already. And if we ever get the promised 3D membranes, those are too slow to dynamically change shape.

If anything is possible to do for this then it is just to make the organelle max scale just before splitting much smaller. At that point player’s probably won’t even notice that the growing animation exists at all.

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maybe… it isn’t necessary that make animation effect when they grow?

That’s what I basically said: the only simple solution is to remove the entire feature. I don’t think that is a good idea. The players are already confused about their organelles duplicating so it happening without any kind of visual animation would just make the problem worse.

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may we can just only add a message like “a organelle is copyed” , change them color darker to mark it’s double and make the cell little bigger?

You making this suggestion makes me think that even you knowing about this, have a hard time noticing. The duplicated organelles take up as much space as normal organelles and increase the cell size.

That would trigger constantly. I see this as a negative design that would take away from the game, constantly spamming the player with messages they don’t actually need to pay attention to is not good.

Having worked on Thrive for multiple years, I’ve definitely gained many pieces of knowledge regarding how game design really needs to take player’s attention and expected skill level into account. I don’t think it is not very productive at all to try to talk through this topic without either an experienced game designer weighing in or making actual concrete changes to test things out. And also consider that this feature has existed since like 2015 and this is the only bug report about this…

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