Coding Language?

So, I do want to help, but I know I need to know how to help first. So, a few questions

  1. What launguage is this written in (So I know which one to learn)

  2. I, like I said, want to help, but, I wouldn’t be able to contribute on a completely regular basis (School). Would that be okay, or should I just wait?

  3. Is there a way to make Eclipse be able to make projects in more than one language (Asuming you know, and that you can, and that you know how to do that, and asuming it’s not in java (Already downloaded it) I just ask this one because I don’t want to do the research to find out how to, because :

A. My internet is being a pain
B. I can’t seem to get a lot on the topic, but, I gave up after 3 tries, due to Item a)

Thanks in advance!

C++ and AngelScript are the main languages. There is also some JavaScript in the GUI, but that is just for the GUI logic. AngelScript is very close to c++, so if you know c++ you can basically write it. So c++ skills are important for contributing. However c++ can be difficult to learn as a first language. So I suggest you first learn to program with python and after that learn c++.

There are some learning links on our wiki (but none for python):

Everyone on the team contributes only when they have time.

There is a plugin for working on c++ in eclipse. Though, when I last tried it like 3 years ago it was very basic, it didn’t have good autocomplete etc. So I’d recommend using something else. On windows visual studio 2017 community is good (and what we use for thrive), on Linux the only comparable tool is jetbrains’ CLion.



I’m learning Java currently, is that an okay language to go from to c++?

So, well, I might be applying imidiatly (Granted, I’m using a geological time table, so within 2 years)

Thank you!

If you got started learning it, then great! Stick with it until you have made a few small programming projects to really start getting programming. You can then learn C++. I myself learned C++ first and then learned java, so I can’t really say how easy it is to go the other way, but knowing C++ allowed me to basically just start coding in Java after looking at just a few simple examples, and just googling whenever I needed to know something. I would expect Java to help somewhat due to the similar syntax and object oriented principles. But knowing any imperative programming language makes it quite easy to learn any other.


Glad to hear it!

Do you have any good videos for switching from C# to C++?

Honestly, the only similarity I see between C# and C++ is the Object Oriented programming, so I don’t know if there’s a good way for switching from C# to C++. Maybe hhyyrylainen will surprise me, for I am not an expert.

Then you have missed the most obvious thing, which is that both share a lot of common syntax. Many simple programs can be written in a way that is almost valid in both C++ and C#.

Googling “c++ for c# developers” I found some links:
I can’t personally testify how good those are as I learned C# after many years of programming in C++.
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