Collaborative Writing Competition

Yes the poll will be made tomorrow
Or maybe later since I don’t have a lot of time anymore
But I’ll make the poll


Actually I’ll make the poll today

  • MechanicalPumpkin’s Species
  • Nover’s Species
  • Zarki’s Species
  • Blackjacksike’s species
  • OoferDoofer’s Species

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Hey guys don’t vote for yourself pls

Edit: one more day and the poll will be over!
There seems to be a two way tie right now (not counting blackjack since he voted for himself)

Alright it’s been three days and the winner is…
There are two of them? Well it’s time for a little bit of dice roll! (I’m not counting toward blackjack since he voted for himself)

Okay now
I did a bit of random number generator thing
And the winner is…

You lucky duck! You’ve won two competitions in a row!

And your prize…
Is in this link! (Warning:


Haha, thank you. is it always the same prize ? :sweat_smile:
I think i’m gonna collect titles from your competitions xD

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What competition should I do next?

  • Collaborative Writing Competition
  • Coding competition
  • Animation competition

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coding would be great
also why dont you just make a thread for your competitions?

Idk, making an entire thread just for that seems very excessive
So I’d prefer at the end of each competition there should be a poll on what competition to do next

I think he means having all of your competitions in one thread, like instead of making a new thread for the writing competition, put it here


honestly i find that better than making a new thread every competition that you will only do once

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Actually, that makes a lot of sense…


I guess I’ll do the writing competition

Okay so I’ll make a wiki post for each round and they’ll be a theme for each round and you’ll have to add on to each user’s addition to the wiki. I’ll begin each wiki post.


  1. You can’t delete stuff from other users
  2. Don’t double edit unless if it’s for a long period of time
  3. Make each post related to each edit the user makes
  4. Have fun!

I’ll begin…

ROUND ONE: sea life

(Btw you can skip between perspectives of sea life here)

Pumpkin: Some sharks were hunting in the open ocean, and like a lot of their experiences, there was no prey. It wasn’t much of a surprise, really. The ocean was big and vast, so you couldn’t expect every corner to be filled with life. Only problem was, they were beginning to starve.

Oofer: One of them, smaller than the others, but much craftier decided to leave the group, so he wouldn’t have to share his catches. This lead him to a coral reef, filled with ocean life. The shark of course, couldn’t catch any of these fish, but he was amazed.

Ball Boi: This coral reef was beautiful, with it’s colorful corals, the numerous fishes, and even some exotic animals. That little shark saw this place, and inmediately loved everything in it. But the inhabitants didn’t think the same, as they were scared of him.