Colony members automatically use mucilage jet - Thrive 0.5.10

I’ve been playing the new Thrive release for the first time today, and it has been really fun using the new features! I have encountered a small bug though, where when you are in a colony of your own species, the AI still automatically fires its mucilage jets even though you should have full control over the colony.

Here’s a video showcasing the bug. I hope this helps! -

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My guess is that the following happened:

  • That other cell was constantly wanting to use the mucilage so it constantly added time to how long it wants to emit mucilage (mucilage is a timer type system)
  • When you attached to it and shared your mucilage with it, it started immediately using the mucilage as the timer had time in it

@Oliveriver does that sound plausible to you?

To fix this what could be done is reset that mucilage timer whenever a cell is attached or detached from a colony.


It does sound plausible but I’m honestly not sure. Would need a more thorough investigation.

Opened a generic issue:

I did put my rough guess in it, but I didn’t put my full reasoning as its not confirmed if it is right.