Colors In the Game

(Two-Toe-Tom) #1

Forgive me if this isn’t the place to share this, but I was wondering if anybody else struggled to see some nutrients in game. I am color blue-yellow blind so that could be why I am struggling.


Yeah oxygen and carbon dioxide are blue while ammonia is yellow :confused:

We’re working on a solution, sorry about that

(Two-Toe-Tom) #3

Well it’s good to know you’re already trying to do something about it. I am very excited to see where this game goes, it really looks like it has a lot of potential.

(Louix) #4

Yeah, i’m colorblind too and sometimes I cant see some of the colours haha

(Sometimes I dream of cheese ᕕ(☯෴☯)ᕗ) #5

How about we use the normal colors, but add a out layer to the compounds that work with color blind individuals. Both types of people benefiet this way.