Common Names

Small idea to add to cell stage soonish, being able to give a common name to species you find. Done by hovering over them, pressing a key, and entering a name, which will show up instead of the species name (Though it should still show up somewhere). As for players, likely just enter the name in the editor.


That’s a cool idea. But something that I’ve been thinking is that, it might be more fun to let the player start naming everything once they discover writing. That way it would tie into the game in a unique way. So it would be realistic in the sense that the player species can’t really remember what names they give to things before they discover writing and can start making books with lists of species they have discovered in them.


what about people telling their children names/story’s?

Oral tradition? I think that could be represented by you having a name in your head for the given species, like how youtuber raocow insists Yoshis are called Horses.