Compound balance for sessile organisms

the ATP balance thing should say what your ATP balance is when not moving and what your compound balance is when you are not using all of the things that your cell has that use energy as that would make keeping track of whether or not your sessile organism is viable and remove the need for the player to do math to find out the balance of the compounds when they are completely still

As for atp, just subtract everything but osmoregulation (or just hover over it to see how much your cell needs to SURVIVE)

i already do that but i do not know how to calculate how much glucose my cells are using when not moving and have to keep using generations to test the prokaryotes that use thylakoids

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This button

yeah :slight_smile: it shows you what processes are happening in your cell and how much of everything is being produced/used in real time! pretty neat if you ask me

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i know that but i will need to remember exactly how much of the compound i am keeping track of each organelle uses when sessile if i want to know what it is before exiting the editor unless something is added to the editor to keep track of how much of each thing the organism uses when no ATP is being used on movement