Compound Bug

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Sorry I don’t have a screen shot, I used the glucose. Basically, after I die, I have like 3.6 glucose, even though my max stores are 3. I have a metabolosome above a chromataphore above a flagellum. I think I was on generation 3.


It would be helpful if you, or someone else, could document what kind of cell you need to make in order to experience this bug. And see if this is reproducible reliably.

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Was a prokaryotic photosynthetic cell.
Edit: And I’ll reproduce it. I’ve experienced it a few times but never thought to report it.
Edit 2: It could be a minimum to stores.
Edit 3: the kind of cell is a cell with less than 4 storage, i think

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I think the type of cell is one that has less than 4 storage.

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Ok I think I found a way to reproduce it. Make a cell with nothing but 2 chromatophores. Gather ammonia and phosphates so both split, you now have 4 chromatophores and 4 storage. Fill up totally with glucose so you have 4 glucose.

Go to the editor, delete 1 of the chromatophores and then exit. You have 2 glucose because that is 50% of the amount you had when you entered the editor. However you only have 1 storage. The venting doesn’t seem to happen.

Edit: Here is a screenshot.


I made this an issue on github:

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I have now fixed this bug in my branch