Compound concentration gradient

Yes, I again got out of some Belgium to present a probably not the best idea
Long story short, I read a post on the dev forum that there’s an idea to get rid of composite clouds, and I think it’s a good idea, but the baseline option would still be pretty boring. If we remember that we are planning to create a dynamic temperature gradient, then why not create the same dynamic compound gradient? The code would essentially be almost the same, because the concentration will change, which is, well, like a number (or I’m stupid and it won’t work at all)
That is, one could make a dynamic gradient of compounds that cannot be seen, and one can only find a place where some compound will be absorbed more efficiently. This way we will get more interesting gameplay for mobile organisms, but also allow attached ones to exist. Probably not a very good idea, but still, as for me, it would be quite interesting, and playing for autotrophs capable of locomotion (like green euglena) would stupidly become interesting. Well, if you move away from compound clouds, you will probably need to deal with the surface area, which affects the efficiency of absorption (for an immobile autotroph, it will be more profitable to make itself, for example, flat or thin, in order to better absorb compounds)
And yes, I’m sorry if there is already such a topic, I haven’t visited the forum for about a month, and I don’t quite remember how everything works here.