Concept Art for Binding Agent?

Has anyone actually found a depiction or drawn what they want the Binding Agent to look like? I was hoping to crank that out since it wouldn’t be much trouble. Also, what will the model be used for? I would think you’d just have the cells stick together and call it a day.

I don’t think there is any concept art for them.
While looking for something else, I found some discussions from 2015 about how some of the old organelle models were created:

Basically it seems that taking inspiration from nature was an approach. More recently the rusticyanin was basically just artistic inspiration to make it cubes and look like rust.

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I see, so wouldn’t the binding agent not have a model? It’s more a quality of the membrane than an organelle like the Nucleus. I suppose you could change the membrane texture to have attachment points/proteins.

i could make a sweet button if you want lol

That’s complicated…

Before those plans are put into practice, I’m definitely going to make binding agents a placeable organelle.

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Ok I get it now, this is more a functional/prototyping thing until that stuff is done. I suppose I could just make a section of cytoskeleton or something.

Right direction? Feels like it could be a good place holder.

upload image for forum

Shouldn’t there be an agent vacuole? I mean, if we start with the first agent (excluding toxins) being the binding agent, we should make one, right?
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