Concepts for more derived forms of organelles

Decided to make a little bit of concept art on specialized forms of certain organelles:

so here are some simple ideas:

  • you could specialize toxin producing organelles to shoot denser or thinner toxin clouds. Denser clouds produce more sharp jets whilst thinner clouds would create a sorta aoe effect damaging many nearby enemies very slowly.

  • Grappling pilus/harpoon/nematocysts can be used to grapple onto rocks and move quickly towards them. could also potentially could work on other cells as well.

  • extending and grappling pilus could be stronger and puncture cells with stronger exteriors

these more derived forms of the standard organelles could probably be evolved from modifying an organelle to behave differently as its been briefly touched upon in concept art:



I had something similar that i posted in another part of the forums