Conductive reactionary/nervous system

i already know how they would evolve that being too much of a toxic conductive metal in their environment along with high frequency electrical disturbances but could they be added to the game via an organelle that turns metals like silver lead copper and tin into wires that connect parts of the cell or even connect multiple cells in a way that is more efficient than a chemical or integrative reactionary system could ever be but for now a non lawk organelle unless someone can find an organelle that makes wire like structures from metals that exists irl


Why did you mention me?

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you are a dev so i thought you might know if these will be possible in the multicellular stage and up

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Do not ask me about these things. I’m active here so that it doesn’t look like the dev team doesn’t care. For actual discussions you want to engage the theory team (or someone else). Don’t bother me, I already participate in as many discussions as I can.

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what @ do i use for that

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As I said, not many are active, which is pretty unfortunate as you just need to make a thread and hope someone replies to you.

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@50gens what do you think about the first post

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They would need to convert nerve signals to wire signals or not have nerve cells, instead connecting wires to form a brain and an electricity generating cell[1] for each wire. But wires would need to be insulated and not immersed in a conductive cerebrospinal fluid which would make it short circuit. There could be a million other different problems.

  1. is there such a thing? ↩︎


already dealt with all of those for how i am going to make it in thrive once the protein editor is in and polynucleation as well
Edit: i forgot to mention endosymbiosis
EDIT2: i found a species that produces nanowires to “breathe” by releasing excess electrons from turning food into energy into the environment called geobacter and it respirates through sulfur reduction meaning that, as electroreceptors are a thing, the reactionary system i proposed in not truly LAWK but all it’s components are definitely LAWK

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You can make a mod or fork Thrive. There are a few pages on making mods for Thrive, and forking Thrive is as easy as downloading the source code and making your own changes.

i know that but if the organelle editor is going to exist then i will not need to make a fork or mod because if all the components are LAWK then i will be able to make it in vanilla thrive

But the organelle editor probably isn’t going to exist. It’s not fun and not really worth the effort it seems.

i disagree. an organelle editor would add lots of replayability(especially for the microscopic stages) and far more possible builds. a protein editor? sure, it sounds less fun. but a membrane bound organelle editor would add large amounts of replayability.

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I vetoed organelle editing, as I’m really dreading having to program that extremely complex feature if no one else is brave enough either.

wouldn’t it be possible to just recycle the cell editor and require a part that gives materials to the host cell for the organelle editor though? has this been attempted and if so then how did it go.

That is actually a ton of work, not just that simple. First of all, we’d need to rework the organelle background logic to allow dynamically created ones, remove the existing eukaryotic organelles (and come up with a design to guarantee the player can always get the organelles they want, imagine how terrible it would be to go for a specific type of run, only to not be able to do it due to not having good endosymbiosis candidates), there needs to be an entirely separate editor type for making organelles, gameplay for when engulfing counts as endosymbiosis needs to be done, auto-evo needs to be able to mutate the created organelles that are in AI species. It’s an absolute ton of work and requires redoing or at least slightly altering most parts of the microbe stage.

sorry i made it sound like it was going to be simple. what i mean when i say “couldn’t you just do ____” is not that i think it would be simple but that it would be simple compared to most of the things i plan to do like creating a dyson swarm around the sun in minecraft with the modpack i made or manipulating the genes of a microbe of the species geobacter metallireducens to work as a neuron to make a unicellular polynucleate that has all the required organs to have a circulatory system without making it multicellular and make it have a brain that requires metal to work.

the existing ones could probably stay but only be able to be made by combining a few protein organelles and a vacuole but that would probably be more complicated.

that would be a bigger problem if there was no endosymbiont editor

that sounds annoying but if you could split off from your current species then it would not be as much of a problem

sounds hard if I’m not comparing it to the above things i generally compare things to when trying to figure out how hard it is to do