Consider moving the forums to lemmy

Discourse was not federated, federation ensures that you would gain a number of users. Also, by the nature of this site having an admin, you could export users with the same credentials, such that the only change you’d have to make is logging back in to your account.

This would also put all of the work for maintenance into other peoples hands, freeing up devs to not work on the forum

things like this would go to the lemmy team: Forum bugged on mobile devices (iOS) - #2 by hhyyrylainen

If you don’t understand federation, look into it, there’s a reason small nothing lemmy forums instantly have a ton of users, and it’s federation.

If we federated using lemmy, we would have effectively gained potentially tens of thousands of users that wouldn’t even have to go through the process of registering here: the federation - a statistics hub

we’d also gain the kbin people, and the mastodon people.

Furthermore, one might not want to just use these forums as these forums, if we used lemmy, one could browse an entire link aggregator with thrive on the side, meaning significantly more activity.