Forum bugged on mobile devices (iOS)

Hello everyone! I’m just posting here to report a bug that’s been a little annoying to me for the last few months (although this might be a problem with Discourse rather than the Thrive forum specifically) where the forums have been loading incorrectly on mobile devices. I’ve tried using both Safari and Firefox, and tried to use Desktop mode to load the page, but the bug still persists sadly. I’m not sure if this is just a problem on my end (i’m using iOS, so maybe it’s specifically a problem with that?), but I hope that this post can help. Thank you for reading!

How old is your device? Discourse as a software has decided that anything running older than iOS 15 is no longer supported. As such these forums will switch to a basic view for those devices. Note that any other browsers than Safari are actually just wrappers around Safari on iOS so the only way to get a newer browser is to update to a newer iOS version. And well if you need to buy new hardware anyway, Android is a good option with most phones having community made OS versions that add new Android versions to even older devices.

See their official announcement:

Thank you for replying! I didn’t know Discourse were ending support for older devices. My phone is still running on iOS 14.7, so it makes sense why it’s not displaying correctly.