Conspiricy theories about alt accounts

something must have happened here

what the belgium happened here…?


I want to just quickly let everyone know that using an alt account if your other account gets banned will get your alt account(s) banned as well.

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Are @willow and @dawn alts?

No, according to them they have a split personality, which i don’t think is an alt. However, wasn’t there a user who claimed to be you? Wouldn’t that be an alt?


Alt accounts are by definition multiple accounts used by the same person. And due to technical limitation the word “person” in the previous sentence is maybe much more broad that people with split personalities would use (the technical limitation being that forum moderators cannot tell if you are just making multiple accounts to circumvent a ban / spam or if the situation is something else).

either way, the smart thing to do is just don’t do things that can get you banned on either account and if you are multiple people in one body then keep eachother in check and make sure they don’t do anything stupid, which is how i already do, and so far it’s worked as the one time i’ve gotten banned from anything it was due to a moderator misclicking and i was just on the list of people with negative karma that was the case because i failed to understand that a subreddit was a joke subreddit.

They are me from an alternate timeline, i guess.