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This is a game, about making descions. Go, on… vote. We’re waiting for you.

You woke up in a strange room, with padding. It looked like a prision. There was some water, in a sink, and a toilet. Pretty impressive toilet they had in this place. After some time, the door opened, you could escape… or you could use that pretty nice toilet.

  • Escape the room
  • Take a belgium

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Choose wisely.

Also, btw, the vote closes once there are 5 :thrive: reactions to the post.

You took a belgium. I know, very mature of you all. I almost thought I was polling 5th graders. Anyways. That belgium was very enjoyable, and not at all funny. After that, you escaped through the door. You were met with a hallway, with two corners. You could take the left one, or the right one. The left one leads to device testing, and the right one leads to the bathrooms. Choose wisely again. Take the left one, you get a new device, go through the right one, you go to the bathrooms.

  • Go the left hallway, to device testing.
  • Go the right hallway, to the bathrooms.
  • Stand there, menacingly.

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We HAVE to stand menacingly
How would passer-bys know that we have a stand otherwise?