Cool community polls and stuff like that

some cooooooooooooool polls. vote about future updates, memes, and other (B)uetiful stuff. its such (A) fu(N) time!
i hope you have (A) Great time at this super fu(N) pl(A)ce.

should thrive take donation

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • not sure

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But why, just why we need such a topic?


i thought it would be fun. we really underuse the poll feature

Patreon exists

thrive does take donation, and what does this poll accomplish? a nice opinion pole sure but no one’s changing anything over the results.

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  • underwater civ
  • banana biome
  • disco mode
  • the uteen
  • nike shoes

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We do not currently take donations. We had that one donation campaign (Donate - Revolutionary Games Studio) but the proceeds were so slow (and even that was thanks to a huge donation by one really involved person) that going through the administrative hassle to do that again doesn’t seem to be worth it at the moment.

Patreon still exists but yeh good point. Wish you guys would take one time donations that way my impulsivoty could work with me to give you money instead of telling me “sign up for Patreon stuff idk” therefore setting off my “making long term decisions” brain portion and look where we are- I’m not a Patreon/j

The Steam and versions server kind of as “one time” payment options for people who don’t want to give monthly.

Each donation campaign requires setting up a separate bank account for it, getting a permit from the police (costs money), and at the end the results need to be reported to the police who may follow up on it to check it worked correctly. So at a minimum we’d need to get 200€ in donations in 3 months to make 100€ as the other costs will eat half of the donations at that low volume.