Could alien civilization thrive without browsers/video games

Simple question: Could alien civilization thrive and reach space stage without browsers and video games everyone likes?
just throwing some science post here
edit: or could they thrive without Internet

North Korea suggests that it is possible

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did they launch any rockets?

The first rockets were basically missiles that went too high, so yeah

We landed on the moon before the internet was a thing, so yes


ok kinda dumb post i made. :=🕳️=:

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You can definitely win the game without browsers or video games.

Why would video games even be a thing on the games tech tree lol

cause games are useful. prolly a prerequisite for vr realities and stuff but most likely to be researched by a free market beyond your control

Underappreciated comment lol

How can we ever reach the ascension stage without making a revolutionary evolution game in game

Makes the population happier, could be under an “entertainment” branch


dont double post pls:)
also yeh civilian inventions should be added i for one dont like games that only focus on military stuff.

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Internet can also boost up learning a bit if people like sharing knowledge here.

I moved this to #not-thrive as this was not a science talking thread but borderline on being a really low quality posting.