When I was playing Thrive it seems to have randomly crashed the log is
Launcher Log
Game Log

Nothing interesting in the logs. Can’t really do anything else than say that this is just one of the random crashes that happen. If anyone can try to pin down why the crash happens then we can start figuring it out.

You didn’t include the process exit code that the launcher will say. That can be used to find out if anyone else got the same crash (as the exit code is dependent on where/how the game crashed).

after installing thinkfan in case my computer overheated
and after checking thinkfan logs it was not overheated and touching my fan
this is the first error that i found

ERROR: i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error

I have posted the new logs
Launcher log
Game log

For me i saw that these random crashes happens when a spike or some weird collision body hits iron or another microbe and the game’s physics are trying to figure out what the heck is happening here and the calculation takes up all the memory.

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I doubt that is the case.
Godot has a habit of getting into an infinite loop spamming a repeating error message taking up a ton of disk space (and probably memory as well):

(our issue tracking that:

also why do these random crahes stop after reinstalling?

Unless the game gets really broken by a hard crash, reinstalling shouldn’t do anything. At least before I’ve only advised people who could no longer start the game after a crash to reinstall, which got the game working again.
There’s something in Godot that causes the engine crash sometimes to mess up the game files somehow.
This is a really abstract observation so I’m not sure how I would even approach the Godot developers trying to report this problem. Which is why I’m really hoping that I could get someone else to report these kinds of engine issues to them (after all not using a custom engine anymore I’m no longer the engine developer for Thrive).