Crashes in Multicellular Editor

Originally, during the 0.6.1 update, I was able to use the multicellular editor with no issue. but with my past 5 games it will continually crash. Sometimes I can make it through an edit and get back to game play, but most of the time it crashes. I’ve tried to diagnose what actions in particular cause this but it seems pretty variable. The most common catalysts seem to be pressing the undo button, clicking from the “cell” tab to the “editor” tab, and pressing “confirm” in order of most common to least common.

I realize that there have been a handful of crashes like this reported, but I figured since I had a variety of causes with my own game, it could be helpful to see a variety of reports.

I am really excited to see the full scope of multicellular and you guys are doing a great job with the game thus far. I hope this report can help you in some way. <3

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Your crash is this:

which along with:

have been reported a ton lately. So much that whenever anyone reports the game crashing in an editor, I can be 99% sure it is one of those two bugs. I have too many other things to work on to prioritise fixing this as this is in the prototype part of the game.

Here’s what I said recently on our community Discord about this:

– If people complain too much I might disable undo there just to make the bug reports stop. Other than that I’m not going to do anything about it before we have a finished microbe stage. Anyone else in the world is free to work on the problem and submit a pull request, though.