Creative Mode

Here is an idea: Creative Mode

In this mode, you don’t need to worry about nutrients. You can just edit your cell, and edit it some more. The main reason is so that:

People who struggle can have fun messing with components
People can try to break the game
People can showcase features without struggling to get in just the right place
You can test it well


you mean the freebuild editor???

Maybe he means about a mode in which you create multiple species in a custom environment for creative purposes.

that’s what we will do in ascended.

Is that where you can modify and evolve your organism wuth ease? Similar. I guess, to ascension, but basicly, at least for the cell stage, it removes the need for nutrients.

If that’s the Free Build, thenn neat!

Also, if it is, how do you get to it?

that is the ascension stage you can do anything in it, from modifying cells and playing with them tomaking an entire solar system.

the freebuild allows you to just bulid cells but you still need nutrients, so i think you’re talking about the ascension stage in your firs post.
the freebuild is now in the 0.4.2 release if you want to use it, as for the ascension stage it’s unlocked after you complete the space stage by building an ascension gate and then you bacically become a god/goddess.

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In freebuild mode the editor button gets enabled always when you are alive. So even if you have a cell that can’t survive you can just hit the editor button to edit again before you die. Also you can’t run out of population in freebuild.



So, new question: Where in the world is the “free build” editor?!

The freebuild editor is in the “tools” segment of the title screen.


Thank you!

(I would have replied sooner, but the login system was being a pain…)

Not quire, but that could be neat… make multiple cells, and see which ones are better…

once the behaviour is there, then maybe you could even make some cells more violent than others…