Creepy creature noise in multicellular music

I have noticed that one track playing in the prototype seems to have fairly creepy creature scream/moan, and it creeps me out. Can someone explain why this sound made it’s way into thrive?


Sound Design

It’s Disturbobrine! Not to be confused with herobrine

Do not call thrive disturbance at 3 AM!!! (SCARY) (GONE WRONG) (THE FBI CAME IN OUR HOUSE)

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That probably comes from our new microbe ambience track, it features a fair amount of high pitched humming sound which may sound like a distant screaming of helpless microbes. But no worries, Thrive is not a horror game (or is it?).

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I remember this music with creature scream from 0.5.8 release canditate, it couldn’t be ambience track added in

I think the noise you may have heard was the whale sounds present in the Ocean Theme. I remember hearing this track for the first time and, not knowing what the noises were, finding it very creepy.

Ocean Theme (a link is present in the description leading to the whale noises) -

Yes. It’s this music with that sound

The noise i remember the most is one at around 1:40

aware stage abyssal gameplay will feel like exploring the most leviathan-heavy parts of subnautica or so help me deity of choice i will learn C# and code it myself!

Reaperum Leviathanium?

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Primium reaperleviathian


disturbance leviathan hehehe


It’s the LUCAviathan!!!

who knew the disturbance leviathian could survive in the near zero temperatures of subnautica below zero

Well it has shrimp, spider eel shadow the hedgehog whatever that thing is, and ice worms with head spikes already, so it’s evident below zero is where we put our stupid leviathans.

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Sometimes my dog cries and it sounds exactly like that noise

Ideally, if Thrive achieves its goal, it’ll function not just as a game but as a simulation of evolution. This means you could end up with anything from organisms resembling this world, to organisms resembling something from Hell. And even in this world, that happens sometimes… So it’s no wonder that in the multicellular stage, things start to get a bit weird in the ambience. I’d expect some creepy ambience every now and then.