Cross reactionary system civs?

they would likely need a written language as a prerequisite due to there being three possible(conductive integrative and chemical) of vastly differing speeds but could it work

Could you at least explain in your post what “cross reactionary system” is, as I’ve got 0 clue what that is even after reading your post?


a civilization that contains several species with differing types of reactionary/nervous systems thus vastly differing information processing speeds with the fastest being conductive(non lawk exclusive)
and the slowest being chemical with ours (intigrative) being in the middle

Thanks for the explanation, I’ve now moved this to #future-game:space-stage as that’s the earliest stage this can happen. And do not argue with me about multiple sapient species or something like that, save it for someone else, I’m spent after the space whales.

for the multiple types of nervous systems on one planet it could just be because of different ancestors for sentient life but the creatures with less efficient nervous systems would quickly get wiped out if it was worth it to eat them for the ones with a more efficient nervous system

Silicon, carbon, and hydrocarbon based life would never co-occer on the same planet, but I’m thinking that the silicon and carbon ones live on the same planet, one in the mantle, one on the surface, with conductive and our nervous systems respectively, then chemical nervous stem having space stage hydrocarbon based life lands. Space stage tech explains why it isn’t absolutely bodies by other life forms dispute being useless as food.