Cultural subliminalities

So you’ve been going over the main culture traits for the society stage. But I think you should also consider the smaller components like dances, celebrations, religions, classes, clothing, etc. For that reason, I posted this thread for you to converse about the mentioned traits.

If you find anything applicable from my guidelines interesting, post them with your discoveries. Exp:

That link you posted says it is expired.

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Just look up the vid on youtube
And focus on my objective

Could you please make the effort to fix the link you posted?
This is a video I got on youtube when I took what I assumed to be the video id from that broken link:

I don’t care if my links don’t work, I need some congregation on the little things in the culture aspects of thrive. Are you getting it?

will you stop being rude? also you’re talking to a mod/dev, you don’t wanna get banned.

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I apologize. I’ve been very restrained on the internet since my last visit on this thread. I also should not expect anything to go my way.