Custom Badges

You may have seen the badges page of your user profile. It’s possible for us to add custom badges or edit those already in place, such as changing their names and icons. Badges can either be added manually by admins (maybe we think a particular individual deserves a manual badge for just being such a great guy) or come automatically from completing certain actions, although to add our own automatic badges requires some meddling with the backend which @hhyyrylainen may or may not want to do.

So, are there any suggestions for Thrive-themed badges? Think of them like achievements in the forums instead of the game. For example, we could rename ‘New User of the Month’ to ‘Unicellular Organism of the Month’ and give it a microbe as an icon.

You can find a full list of badges here:

Artist badge for artists?

Maybe as a reward for the fan art contest, is it still going on?


@StealthStyle This would be a good thing to start again on the new forum.


Maybe a badge for the vets of the old forum, but that’d be a lot of users
Also, maybe unique ones for the developers for existing

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• A badge for forum game hosts ?
• A “time” badge if you’ve been active for more than 1 month, 6 months, 1 year etc (including old forum time of course)
• A badge for every subsection of the forum. Ex: Theorist because they have been really active in the “Future Game” section or Gamer because they are really active in the “Forum Games” section.
• An artist badge
• A badge for every “group” promotion you get (from sentient to aware etc.)
• A Cake badge that people recieve when it is their birthday

Yeah, that’s about all I have haha


Because we have a majority new group of users on this forum, I’m restarting this thread in case they have thoughts or suggestions.

Are there any Thrive-themed (or not) user badges you can think of?

The problem is that someone needs to be granting such badges regularly.

I have a few suggestion that I didn’t see being suggested already:

  • mod author
  • great bug report (granted when someone goes all out with their bug report)

I feel that badges should be quite hard to achieve, so that it doesn’t lose it’s charm. For example, if someone contributes something simply amazing to the game or community, then the user will get a super special custom badge. If someone gets it, other people dont use it as a means of knowing what their favourite pass-time is, they identify who that outstanding fellow is. So all in all, maybe instead of having mainstream badges, they should be specifically made for the person (should they do something awesome).