Custom flags?

Will/Should it be possible in society stage to have flags that you could make with a in game paint system, and/or an ability to upload a photo you thought would make a good flag(like a blobfish picture)?

I don’t see why not. To be honest why wouldn’t they add this, this game is gonna give you tons of freedom in the future.

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If i remember correctly you could have banners and flags (also you can pretty much draw on all your stuff During coloring mode so you could add other things)

OK, time for a flag history lesson.
Of course, at the dawn of time, there were no flags and no nations, just different human herds.
Then there was the agricultural revolution, and people made permanent residences. I consider that a major step in the development of national identity, because each settlement was different in some way.
Over time, the town gets a name: a literal word as well as reputation; it starts to have predilected things like dyes and goods, or even something that your people revere.
If we’re doing the “flag in top left corner” thing that Paradox games do, this is the point where you get that national symbol. It may just be a “graphic on a bedsheet,” but now your civ has something to be recognized by. You can put your blue urn on the map and start painting your reach.
The more intricate field of heraldry was spurned by full-body armor. Every respectable metal man needed to be distinguished from the crowd, so people wrote rules for heraldry allowing their design to be re-used for their tabard, their banner, and their horse. Other components of heraldic rules are ways of ensuring contrast ( the rule of tincture as well as the general geometric nature of patterns) and procedures for describing the design.

In another thread, I noted that cultures have their preferred designs/symbols/color schemes and will mark their goods with their cultural designs. For example, the Belorussian ruschyk, the Turkmeni carpet, and the Maori palette all feature on their flags, as well products of handiwork.
For the creation of those patterns, I think a wide array of premade designs/layers (a la Spore) should be available to the AI and the player, with colors freely customizeable. Creative players may prefer to draw their own, and that should be facilitated.
The creation of flags in Thrive should call back to either Spore’s building paint menu, good old heraldic procedures, or Flag Maker Junior. The creator would be given a set of flexible patterns/regions that make a flag that should, at the very least, be “good enough.” Or you could draw your own, if the options are too limiting. Graphics could also be added, like of stars, organisms, or objects; they can be organized along a set of invisible guidelines like circles, and boxes.
Technological concerns would also limit the editor during a campaign. Your civilization may not be able to dye cloth in every color without synthetic dyes. Heraldic principles of some sort (perhaps forming in response to something other than armor?) would unlock the use of geometric patterns on your flags (cultural ones like tartan can still be used). And finally, modern printing would allow the player to put any image from their hard drive onto their flag (even if it may ruin immersion, it still would be fun).

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I like the idea of only making flags with colors available to you

Also, how would this apply to pictures from the internet?