Darwin 3 - a evolution game

(This is my first attempt at making a evo game, so expects flaws here and there)

Darwin 3 is a alien planet that which has similarities to earth (like having water and breathable atmosphere), but also has a few differences from earth (like it being a super earth, having two moons and having a higher amount of oxygen in the atmosphere), it is there where our starter organism live:

The blob

It is essentially a small multicellular blob of cells that float around the ocean, it absorbs dirt, dead plant matter and living cell, it reproduce by splitting in half

This is how you play the game:

  1. Copy the image of the blob (or another evolution of it if there’s one) and upload it in a image editing app or software of your choice
  2. Make a change to the creature in question (which would considered a evolution)
  3. In the comments, post the now changed image and explain the evolution and why it have evolved this way

These are the rules of the game:

  1. Make the changes gradual, so no sudden fire breathing
  2. Make the changes realistic, so no planet sized organisms
  3. it is best you play the game at least in a suboptimal, so no self sabotaging adaptations
  4. While not a rule, it is best not to get attached to the organisms, or else any extinction event would thousand times more depressing than it should be

I hope you would like the game


I think I was the first:

Name: Prima eruca
What he developed: Inner layer (Part of the outer layer folds into itself, forming an inner layer, creating a opening)

I hope I did it right

Do you take the name in a similar way to a book - Expedition? (Darwin IV)
I quite like it

Make sense, but you didn’t explain why it developed this inner layer

I demand of myself to write an explanation, which made sense for what I did (it’s a bit of my character)

Wait or continue?

I can wait until you write a explanation

I do not think I meant it (mistake in translation) I meant whether to continue drawing or wait

You can continue more organisms

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Name: Bruchus Sacci
What he developed: light senses (eyesspots), pockets

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Can we evolve plants?

You, the player, no, but I will be evolving plants every once and a while

how do you make the trasparence effect? Edit: Found out


Name: Everims anogima
What he developed: More pockets and specialization (to create reproductive cells), splitting the inside layer into a circular tube

A little crazy, but possible


Name: Signatum fundas
What he developed: Folding the inner layer and creating more layers, further priming of the pockets, creating a liquid to transport (yellow-amber)

This is my last today, I’ll wait for others to join

I’ll join, I’m already working on a mutation


Name: Fistula mollis
Mutation: a tubolar inside (a folding of the entire body) with 2 opening at opposite sides of the body used for a better consumption of nutrients
Size: 2 mm

Edit: can we mutate multiple species at the same time?

Edit 2: can we mutate the species of other players?

To answer both questions, you can mutate multiple species at the same time and you can mutate species from other players

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(Just to mention, while probably not very often, I sometimes participate in the game)

Name: Primus Sessilus

Mutation: A primitive anchoring system that keeps the creature in place to survive the strong waves, though at the cost of being sessile


Name:Tsantes Anich
Mutation: Muscles and skin plates that allow it to move and maintain its shape while moving, But at the same time makes it more opaque and less permeable


Name: Fistula visum
Mutation: light spots and specialized reproductive cells
size: 2mm


name: Sessilus tenues
Mutation: a thinner body and “roots” to remain anchored to the ground
Size: 4mm

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Name: Trilotus anich

Mutation: the development of protrusions on their side of their body to help with movement

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Name: Psari lanthas

Mutation: Flatness of the body and production of broad fins, turning some of the skin plates into skeletal plates

Name: Allepallilo Deft
Mutation: Creating Fractal symmetry, increases the surface area


Name: Imomovens magnafin
Mutations: 3 pars of fins used for crawling, muscle tissue used to make it easier to crawl, an internal fluid (open blood system) used to transport nutrients to the body, muscle rings to make the fluid flow throught the body, thicker skin
Size: 5mm


Name: Fistula multacorpora
Mutations: segmented body, fluid used to transport nutrients, muscle rings for fluid flow
Size: 7mm