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UPDATE: dThriveLauncher!
UPDATE: Fixed the inability to autoupdate and added a brand new setup!

What’s new:
-Fixed many, many annoying graphical bugs.
-Fixed the ability of being able to open the Manager while downloading (that can be very problematic).
-Fixed the ability of being able to open the Version List while downloading (that can be very problematic).
-Removed the Thrive “Will you thrive?” easter egg until I come up with a better sprite/system for doing that.

dThriveLauncher’s Current Features:

-The launcher features all available versions of Thrive (from 0.2.4 to latest).
-The launcher automatically downloads the game with the press of a button.
-The launcher can switch between versions so this isn’t just the latest version.
-You only need the executable file, no other complicated files like the official launcher uses.
-Download speed quadrupled, from 500 seconds last version to 180 seconds / version.
-Ability to add a custom repository.
-Convenient Manager.
-Simple to use design.
-Troubleshooting abilities.
-The launcher auto-updates. ( and higher versions)

What I am working on:

-Minor bug fixing.
-Linux version.***

Troubleshooting (updated with problems experienced by users):

  1. Game doesn’t want to start, giving an error message regarding a missing .dll file.
    -That is actually because you are missing Visual C++. This isn’t a fix for the instant “Thrive.exe is not responding” errors! You can open the Manager, select either the x32 or x64 versions depending on your architecture, and then give it another try.

  2. If you click on any version, both buttons get disabled and the seconds timer turns to zero.
    -This is caused by a corrupt .ini file. The .ini file is how I store how and what to do, which depends on the following: either the game is downloaded, not unzipped or fully done. To fix that, click on the “Manager” button, press the “Fix Corrupt .ini” button and then re-install the version that was not working (make sure it’s that version!). Now, after it has downloaded and has been launched at least once, restart the launcher.

  3. Download button doesn’t work at all.
    -Caused by you cancelling the download mid-way. Normally, the launcher has a way to handle this, but sometimes (if the computer restarted forcefully etc.), the launcher might not be able to apply the protocols in time. To fix this, simply open the Manager, click on the “Open Launcher Directory” button, and then delete the officialx-x-x.zip or (repository name).zip from the launcher’s directory. Try again.*

  4. dThriveLauncher simply doesn’t start or it just shows a list and a progress bar.
    -This fix can only be solved by installing a special version of the launcher that has the heading and that excludes the auto-updating part , so as to not get the previously not working version again (may create special auto-updates). As far as I can tell, this bug only appears in Windows 10. Use this download link:
    and add this file on desktop or wherever you’re comfortable keeping it (this will be the only way to run it, unless you create a shortcut).

  5. Set up file can’t install the launcher in the hard drive that I actually use. (temporary bug)
    -This bug is to be fixed in As I have mentioned in a reply, I am working on a custom setup, or at least a better system. Until then, get the no auto-updates version from troubleshooting issue no. 4 which required only the .exe to operate. (WARNING! The files for the launcher are made wherever your Users folder is, therefore if it’s in C:/, that’s where it will create it, and if you don’t want to use that, then wait until the next update!) (I am not sure whether this was fixed and I have to test it out, for now I’ll assume it wasn’t)

  6. dThriveLauncher’s Auto-Updater stopped working for 1-2 months and I am looking to fix it
    –Simply put, download the new setup. Then, go into your user directory, and delete the folder called dthrivelauncher. Then complete the setup.

For modders wanting to let players use the Repository function:

-For the launcher to be able to download the mod, you must upload it to a full Thrive version, so not just the modded files. The launcher unzips your file, and then will execute “Thrive.exe”, so if you added just the modded files, the launcher has nothing to open.
-Make sure the following are true:

  • The folder in which the executable with it’s respective files is called “Thrive” (CaSe-SeNsItIvE).
  • The name of the executable is “Thrive.exe” (CaSe-SeNsItIvE)
  • The “Thrive” folder is put in a .zip file, any other extension will not work!

-After all is set, upload the file to a website, such as MediaFire (recommended), or Mega (or anywhere really). If you right click on the download button after uploading, you will open a combo box, in which there is an option named “Open Link in New Tab”. Click it and a blank page will appear with a request to download the game you’ve uploaded, just as if you would’ve pressed the button.
-Close the download box and the page will remain still open. Copy the link to this page.
-To test with the launcher, go into the “Manager” tab, give the instance a random name and insert the link you’ve copied. Then click on “Exit” to quit the Manager and press “Download” to start the download. If the download doesn’t start, it means that the link you have used is wrong. If the file doesn’t unzip, the format might be wrong or the file didn’t have what I have asked for (check the dotted list again).
-If everything worked, you are all set, anyone can now use your download link with dThriveLauncher!*

For people wanting to play the mods, but no dThriveLauncher version exists:

-Open the Manager.
-Click on “Open Launcher Directory”.
-Open the folder named after your version of the game (or the repository).
-There is your Thrive game folder, from there, usually, you can find instructions on the mod’s page.

Download (setup): http://www.mediafire.com/file/mskmp9yammbhx9t/dtl_setup.exe (For Windows 32/64 bits**)

(Note: This installs the launcher to C:/ every time, check troubleshooting issue no. 5 for more information)

(This downloads
(Since avast! and other antiviruses actively scan .exe files, which is good, my launcher may cause avast to go a bit insane as besides a new version of the launcher existing, also the update checker is a separate app. So be careful out there, maybe add an exception or turn off avast! for 10 minutes.)

¬Have fun with the launcher!

*If you still encounter issues, contact me personally.
**Both worked last time I’ve checked. I could be wrong!
***Will be created upon Clickteam Fusion 3 being released, and after I purchase it.
Note: Check mods’ replies, as a link to a directly modded version that can be added in the repository might exist as I usually check the mods I like and create links for them.
Note: The official launcher is also extremely versatile! It’s a matter of preference! (also it has a Linux version)
Note: The post was moved from the old forums.

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Unzipping isn’t that hard, right? Anyway there will probably be an executable installer for the launcher (windows only) at some point.

Even though no one else has worked on it. It’s still the official launcher

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I’ll keep the “no other complicated files” until a setup exists, but I will remove any other reference to your name then.

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P.S. Due to the specific Windows libraries that Clickteam Fusion 2.5 uses, I don’t think I’ll be able to make a Linux version anytime soon. I heard Clickteam Fusion 3 could possibly export to Linux though!

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I’ve already looked into having an installer some quite alot and determined that making an installer with NSIS will be the best choice, and it can be even made on linux. So I can keep on making all the releases on linux.

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Cool. I actually didn’t know that. But I was thinking that perhaps Clickteam Fusion 3, with me understanding CT, could perhaps solve all this. Although I still don’t know as I’ve stated.

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Great news:

Clickteam Fusion 3 supports Windows, Linux, Mac and FreeBSD. This means that eventually there will be a Linux version!

"3) Our new engine is written in fully portable C++, and the editor already runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. The exporters already run on all of the above with the addition of Android and iOS. Implementing new exporters is much easier than in F2.5, so we're looking forward to making export options for as many platforms as we can!"

After testing for oh so long, and with the help of many nice people like @Oliveriver and @Untrustedlife I have managed to find many bugs that have to be fixed, so thank them a lot if you are using this launcher :slight_smile:

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Due to the special directories that my launcher uses and due to the fact that no setup creator I have used has a way to change only the hard drive and not the other directories, a custom setup will have to be made, therefore delaying the next update. Sorry! It’s gonna be worth it, though!

(also if you used a different directory from C:/, the setup couldn’t change the directory, so I’m onto fixing it)

EDIT: Check the troubleshooting section for updated list which may fix the launcher.

Auto-update feature down. Some links I have to fix. I’ll do it tomorrow.

K so one month isn’t exactly tomorrow (school, my mates, sorry), but I got the link fixed. Though, you’ll need to replace a file; the update checker. I’ll put up a tutorial on how to do that as soon as I am done and as soon as I can. For now, you’re stuck at, but that’s a sturdy version too. It’s more graphical fixes than anything else (unless you updated when it worked).

Im happy to see you still working on this!

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Alright; the bug was fixed. Use the new setup file.